LNG fuelled pusher 27 m


built year:

The LNG Fuelled Pusher designed by Seatech Engineering Ltd is a new generation of inland high technology vessel. This environmental friendly pusher achieves the increasingly
strict IMO emissions regulations keeping also all conventional pushers’ functions. Invariant B the vessel is equipped with comfortable accommodation superstructure embedded on the flexible layer. Accommodation compartment is completely separated from machinery compartments which enable to reduce noise and vibrations within. Seatech Engineering Ltd design team concentrated efforts on designing completely LNG fuelled environmental friendly vessel which could achieve increasingly strict IMO emissions regulations pertinent to the sulphur content of fuel (coming into force in 2015). Till nowadays Heavy Fuel Oil is used as the main fuel in the maritime industry all over the world. This causes that high amounts of pollution are emitted to the environment. Liquefied Natural Gas technology is a good alternative to the fuels used today as when combusted admits of many emissions reduction: sulphur oxides (completely eliminated), nitric oxides (reduced by up to 90 %), carbon dioxide (reduced by 20 %), and particular matter (also eliminated).

Principal dimensions
Length o.a.: approx. 27,20 m
Length of the hull: 27,00 m
Breadth: 9,45 m
Depth to the deck line: 2,70 m
Draught in nozzles axes:  2,8 m
Moulded draught: 2,3 m
Height above WL, wheelhouse in upper position: approx. 9,3 m
Height above WL, wheelhouse in base position: approx. 4,5 m
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