crew transport vessel

Crew transport vessel SE-219

Crew transport vessel


The vessel is designed to transfer industrial personnel to service wind farms and enables carrying a standard 20 ft ISO container at aft deck as well autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) or other cargo with weight up to 5t at a foredeck. The ship equipment arrangement will ensure comfortable access while maintenance and overhauling. The vessel can be provided with the following power systems arrangements:
Conventional propulsion –  ships propellers are driven by diesel propulsion engines
Conventional propulsion boosted by hydrogen –  ships propellers are driven by diesel propulsion engines which can be boosted with electric energy produced by hydrogen fuel cells
Hydrogen-powered propulsion – ship’s propellers are driven by electric motors. Main electric energy is delivered by hydrogen fuel cells. In case of emergency, energy is delivered from batteries modules.

Principal characteristics
Length overall: 22,00 m
Breadth molded: 8,00 m
Draught: 1,00 m
Service/Max Speed: 24.00 / 26.00 kn
Accommodation: 4 crew members
12 passengers
Propulsion: abt. 2 000 kWe
Distillate fuel tanks: 8.00 m3
Liquid Hydrogen (tank-type C): 20.00 m3
S0, SEA AREA 3 (PM, ZE – in option)
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Service operation vessel

Service Operation Vessel SE-108

Service Operation Vessel


Service Operation Vessel SE-108 is designed for windfarms operations (basic function), sea towing, fire fighting, rescue operations (SAR), oil spills recovery, navigation marks handling, hydrographic works.
The SE-108 can accommodate up to 20 people, including 6 crew members and 14 specialists. The emergency room block does not interfere with the functional layout of utility spaces and provides space for 80 survivors.
The working deck has about 240 m2 and is equipped with an SMST gangway system for wind farm operations, towing hook (400 kN), two sets of water-foam monitors, a water curtain system, a skimmer, and booms for oil spills recovery. The vessel provides also a roofed rescue zone premises, ROV for underwater operations, crane with a lifting capacity of 100 kN@17-25m, stern rollers and beds for fixing buoys, speed boat, and hydrographic cabin boat.
The LNG gas system will be installed along with necessary installation, consisting of a cylindrical tank with a capacity of approximately 70 m3. Dynamic positioning system DP2 will be activated during aft windfarms servicing, sea bed, rescue, and deck crane operations.

Principal characteristics
Length overall: 60.60 m
Breadth molded: 13.20 m
Draught: 3.50 m
Maximum speed: 13.00 kn
Installed power (dual fuel GenSets): 3 x 1 420 kW @ 750 rpm
Auxiliary generator: 1 x 167 kW @ 1500 rpm  400V/50Hz
Propulsion: 2 x azimuth thruster with fixed pitch propeller, (nozzle diameter 2400 mm, 1800 kW)
MDO fuel tank capacity: 200 m3
LNG fuel tank capacity: 70 m3
Pollution recovery tanks: 2 x 100 m3
Accommodation: 6 crew + 14 specialists
Optional equipment: SMST telescopic access bridge system with stacking modules
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