Catamaran B870-II Project just started


A completely new design is under project for the University of Gdansk, catamaran type vessel will be 49 meters long and 14 wide, it will take on board up to 20 scientist and crew. It will be powered by 4 electric generators of total 1300kW, which will allow to power, two bow azimuth propellers type pump jet, two main engines Volvo Penta D16MG and all other ship equipment.

Economical speed will be 10 knots, maximum speed 12 knots. Range at a speed economical is 2500 mm, and autonomy will be 21 days. The ship will be equipped with DP1 on sea stability system which will allow to stay on position with wind and sea state of 4 degrees Beaufort.

Catamaran Oceanograf will be used by University of Gdansk as a research vessel for the Baltic sea region and will focus on seabed bathymetry, magnetic- seism acoustic, geological, physical, biological and chemical. It will be equipped with on board laboratories, observatories, measuring and test equipment, and a seminar room, where classes will be conducted for students.