Divining the future of the port market – Transport Week 2019 – movie

Posted by Marcin Pawełczyk

During the Innovation Day, Seatech Engineering presented the possibilities of the LNG bunker developed by its design office in Gdansk.

“This is a bunker designed mainly for servicing cruise ships, which after the Costa Concordia catastrophe have a special arrangement of lifeboats, and at the moment we have proposed a bunker that will be quite low so that it can fit under these boats. We are talking with the client about the use of this bunker in the Mediterranean, where tourism is really increasing the cruise ship traffic, but I do not deny that we see the possibility of using it in the Port of Gdynia, where these cruisers are more and more often” – says Krzysztof Czerski from Seatech Engineering.

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source: gospodarkamorska.pl