Seatech engages both in full unit design and provides extensive support while working together with our partners.

Over the last two decades, we have had the opportunity to provide support in many targeted projects and develop a number of our original concepts of fishing vessels. This has allowed our team to work on a wide range of specialized fishing vessels, including seiners, life fish carriers, water farms, trawlers, and longliners.

In our achievements, we particularly value the experience and knowledge gained through the projects. We are very enthusiastic about the projects, from those in which we have become experts over time, to the more unconventional ones, which every time are challenging and require a much more flexible approach.

Life Fis Carier Seatech Engineering

Life Fish Carrier 5800
SE original concept

life fish carrier


SE-514 is a complex system solution reaching the main requirements for fish farm service vessels. The ship is designed to load, transport and unload salmon and trout with focus on excellent maneuverability and good station keeping and sea keeping qualities.

Principal dimensions Life Fish Carrier 5800
Length o.a.: 95,40 m
Moulded breadth 20 m
Depth to upper deck: 8,50 m
Max Draught 7,40 m
Total Fish Tanks Volume: 5 800 m3
Class DNV GL 1A1 E0
Gensets power: 4×1 580 kW
Service Speed: 12.00 kn
Crew 12 people
At service speed fuel consumption 6.8/7.9 t/254h
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Île de La Réunion II



Piriou Ingenierie

Principal dimensions Île de La Réunion II
Year: 2016
Lenght o.a. 62,80 m
Breadth 12,40 m
SEATECH scope of work: ballast water pipeing arrangement
IMO 9831878

Morn Seselwa

purse seiner


Piriou Ingenierie

Principal dimensions Morn Seselwa
Year: 2012
Length o.a. 79,50 m
Breadth 14,20 m
SEATECH scope of work: fishwells construction
Fish well capacity 480 m3
Fish hold capacity 1040 m3
IMO 9719800
Seatech Fish Farm feeder

Rubin / Artic Fjell 

fish farm feedship


The “RUBIN” is a very flexible and cost-efficient Feadship. One of its unique features is an innovative modular solution that will provide for more flexibility. The silo modules can easily be removed, which makes possible to transport cargo other than bulk and oversized feed bags.

Principal dimensions Rubin / Artic Fjell
Length o.a.:  69.70 m
Moulded breadth 15,00 m
Depth to upper deck: 9,82 m
Gross Tonnage 2 768 t
Deadweight 3000 tm
class DnV +1A1 General Cargo Carrier, E0, Ice C
Owners Sjøtransport Rotsund
Operators Artic Shipping AS
Builder: Crist
Scope of work Delivery of detailed engineering plans for the hull and superstructure, foundations for equipment, outfitting and piping systems using Nupas Cadmatic software as follows:
Workshop Drawings,
Unit Measurements Card,
Parts and Nesting profile lists,
Profile Sketches, Unit Levelling,
Nesting Cards and Essi Codes,
Shell development with templates.
Creating layout for the engine room and accommodation.
Creation of a 3D Model library in Cadmatic,
systems integration in a 3D model,
Isometric drawings for piping systems composed from axo view and spool drawings,
coordination and integration of drawings, penetration drawings, detail drawings,
materials list,
COG for systems and for equipment.
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BOEN Stavanger R-85-ES




Principal dimensions BOEN Stavanger
Year: 2010
Length o.a. 33,76 m
Breadth 9,00 m
SEATECH scope of work: lengthened CRIST, Sawicon
– shell expantion
– crane foundation
– roll reduction tank
– safety plan
IMO 9225392

Les Calanques




Principal dimensions Les Calanques
Year: 2004
Lenght o.a. 22,85 m
Breadth 7,70 m
SEATECH scope of work: hull building supervision
IMO 9095668
Type Year Client Length o.a. [m] Breadth. [m]
Live Fish Carrier 6000 2019 CONFIDENTIAL 94,80 21,00
Live Fish Carrier 5800 2019 CONFIDENTIAL 96,05 20,00
Fish Farm Feeder 2018 Arctic Group 79,90 15,00
Live Fish Carrier
a total number of 2 vessels
2018 CONFIDENTIAL 79,90 15,00
Live Fish Carrier 6000 2018 Arctic Group 97,20 20,00
Multi-Purpose Live Fish Carrier 2016 Seacon 75,00 15,00
MM 69 CC ARTIC FJELL 2011-2012 Artic Shipping AS 69,70 15,00
Purse/ Danish Seiner 2017 Stocznia Wisła 38,65 9,25
Purse Seiner/ Trawler 2016 Kleven 90,45 17,80
Purse Seiner MORN SESELWA 2012 Piriou Ingenierie 79,50 14,20
Tuna Purse Seiner 2010 Pirou Ingenierie 79,50 14,20
Tuna Purse Seiner DEEP FREEZING
a total number of 4 vessels
2007-2009 Chantiers Piriou / Piriou Ingenierie 90,00 14,50
Tuna Purse Seiner
a total number of 3 vessels
2004-2005 Chantiers Piriou 84,10 13,80
Sardiner 2006 Chantiers Piriou 17,00  6,50
Tuna Purse Seiner 2004 Chantiers Piriou 36,00  9,20
Tuna Purse Seiner 2003 Chantiers Piriou 43,15  9,50
Tuna Purse Seiner 2002 Chantiers Piriou 38,00  9,50
Tuna Purse Seiner 2001 Chantiers Piriou 43,15  9,50
Stern Trawler 2017 VARD 29,00 12,00
Trawler 2010 Sawicon 80,30 17,00
Trawler 2010 Sawicon 20,30  6,60
Super Trawler 2010 CONFIDENTIAL 115,00 22,00
Trawler BOEN STAVANGER 2010 Sawicon 33,76 9,00
Processing Trawler 2010 CONFIDENTIAL 115,60 22,00
Trawler 2006 Chantiers Piriou 38,00  9,50
Trawler 2005 Chantiers Piriou 24,90  7,52
Trawler 2005 Chantiers Piriou 23,10  7,25
a total number of 3 vessels
2004 Chantiers Piriou 45,80 11,80
a total number of 4 vessels
2000-2004 The Food Climate Research Network (FCRN) 22,85 7,70
Trawler RSW
a total number of 2 vessels
2002 Chantiers Piriou 44,00 11,00
Trawler 2000 Chantiers Piriou 24,90  8,00
Longliner 2016 Piriou Ingenierie 62,80 12,40
Longliner 2012 Chantiers Piriou 59,45 12,80
Longliner 2010 Piriou Ingenierie 50,40 10,70
Longliner DEEP FREEZING 2010 Piriou Ingenierie 33,60  8,90
a total number of 2 vessels
2006-2007 Chantiers Piriou 56,40 11,50
Longliner/Trawler 2003 Chantiers Piriou 36,00  9,80
Longliner 2000 Chantiers Piriou 55,49 11,00
Multi-Purpose Research Catamaran 2014 Institute of Oceanography,
University of Gdańsk
49,50 14,00
Fishery Research Vessel 1993 Chantiers Piriou 73,65 14,90
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