LNG bunker vessel SE-601

Low Air Draft bunkering vessel


SE-601 is a bunkering vessel suitable for supplying various LNG fuelled ships, ideally fits new type cruise vessel with lifeboats that are standing out of the ships line. Knuckle boom crane, as well as variable operation draught, ensure flexible operation regardless bunkered vessel type and LNG bunker station arrangement. Two aft azimuth thrusters and forward transversal tunnel thruster guarantee excellent maneuverability without tug assistance. Flexible cargo handling system is ideal for supplying small scale LNG terminal located on shallow waters.

Principal characteristics
Length over all: 81.90 m
Breadth moulded: 16.50 m
Depth to main deck: 7.05 m
Design/Max Draught: 4.00/5.00m
Deadweight at design draught: 1500 t
Service Speed (75%MCR, 15%SM): 10.00 kn
Installed power (Diesel electric): 2×1000 kWe
Cruising range on MDO: 2400 NM
LNG capacity: 3000 m3
Crew: 10 persons
Cargo equipment
Cargo containment: 2 x 1 500m3 bilobe type C
Discharging rate: 1 000 m3/h
Discharging pumps (deep well): 4 x 250 m3/h
Fuel consumptions (LNG/MDO)
At service speed: 6.8/7.9 t/24 h
Optional equipment
Hybrid propulsion system: 450 kWh
Class DNVGL (or other IACS) +1A, R2 (Baltic), Tanker for liquified gas, Ship type 2G (-163 ºC, 500 kg/m3,0.4 MPa), Gas Bunker, GF, ICE 1B, E0, BIS, CLEAN(DESIGN), RP (2,50), NAUT-AW
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LNG bunker vessel SE-602

arctic LNG bunkering vessel


SE-602 is a 7500m3 LNG bunkering vessel with high ice class ICE-1AS for bunkering LNG fueled ships in areas where thick ice level is expected like Baltic and North Seas as well as the coastline of USA and Canada.
Twin screw propulsion arrangement with tunnel thruster forward is ensuring good maneuverability and propulsion system redundancy. SE-602 design is also a good proposal for supply chain between big LNG terminals and small scale local LNG terminals or LNG storage facilities for different purposes. All deck pieces of machinery on exposed to weather deck,  including cargo handling system, have the possibility for de-icing using steam.

Principal characteristics
Length over all: 109.90 m
Breadth moulded: 18.80 m
Depth to main deck: 10.30 m
Design/Max Draught: 5.70/6.00 m
Deadweight at design draught: 3 800 t
Service Speed (75%MCR, 15%SM): 13.30 kn
Installed power (Diesel electric): 2×1 665 kWe
Cruising range on MDO: 5 500 Nm
LNG capacity: 7 500 m3
Crew: 16 persons
Cargo equipment
Cargo containment: 2 x 3 750m3 cyl. type C
Discharging rate: 1 000 m3/h
Discharging pumps (deep well): 2 x 500 m3/h
Fuel consumptions (LNG/MDO)
At service speed: 12.1/14.2 t/24 h
Optional equipment
LNG Reliquefication Unit/Subcooler
Class DNVGL (or other IACS) +1A tanker for liquifiedgas, Ship type 2G (-163 ºC, 500 kg/m3, 0.4 MPa),Gas Bunker, GF, ICE 1A*, E0, BIS, CLEAN (DESIGN),RP (2,50), NAUT-AW
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Floating bunkering unit SE-605

LNG Floating Storage/Bunkering Unit (FSBU) 2.000m3


SE-605 is a 2000m3 FSBU (Floating Storage and Bunkering Unit) designated for storing LNG as well as supply LNG fueled vessels with LNG. FSBU is a Barge without propulsion and permanent crew (only operators). FSBU has LNG bunkering arm for discharging LNG into shore (truck or rail cisterns) or other ships (bunkering operations). The presented barge is a multifunctional platform for various modifications depending on customer needs.
It can be offered as:
– FSU (Floating Storage Unit), capacity up to 3000m3 (elongated to 110m)
– FSRU (Floating Storage Regasification Unit) after installation
of containerized regasification units
– FSPPU (Floating Storage and Power Plan Unit ) after installation
of containerized gas-fueled generators

Principal characteristics
Lenght OA 75
Breadth/Width 11,4
Draft 4 m