New designs of LNG bunkers article by Gospodarka

Posted by Marcin Pawełczyk

Very interesting interview with Krzysztof Czerski and Adam Ślipy regarding our new solutions for the easy and safe LNG bunkering, in Gospodarka Morska.

“Gdansk design office Seatech Engineering with new concepts. Responding to market needs and new regulations regarding sulfur and nitrogen oxide limits – presented interesting designs of LNG storage bunkers and storage platforms. One of them is the low-profile LNG bunker adapted especially for servicing large cruise ships powered by gas. Krzysztof Czerski, one of the designers in the company and head of the energy and gas department at the Seatech Engineering office, told us: “After the Costa Concordia catastrophe, there is a need for new solutions in the field of rescue boat cruises aimed at accelerating the evacuation of passengers….. “


Read the whole article in Gospodarka Morska. Only in Polish.