SE-209 Water Injection Dredger – new project

Posted by Marcin Pawełczyk


SE-209 is a Water Injection Dredger (WID) designed for shallow water operations up to 5m depth, ideal for maintenance of ports, harbors, canals, and rivers. The compact design of the hull, and avoidance of any hull appendages, was achieved thanks to local narrowing in the breadth of the hull. The pump for the WID system is disposed under the deck, to guarantee a spacious open deck (suitable for 20ft container storage). Two independent drive units ensure increased maneuverability in narrow channels, harbors, and ports. The functionality of the basic version of WID can be easily extended. We propose a wide variety of integrated components that provide individual character for each client and can cope with every task he requires. Our offer includes variants with installed excavator arm, small crane and a spud piles, as well as a version equipped with submersible dredge pump with all indispensable accessory.

Different configurations: