Seatech Engineering multipurpose vessel

SE-107 Multipurpose vessel

multipurpose vessel


Multipurpose Vessel SE-107 is designed for operating at Baltic Sea with minimum 14 days autonomy. The ship provides the following services: icebreaking, emergency sea towing, rescue operations (SAR), firefighting, oil spills recovery, handling of navigation markings, hydrographic reaserches. The vessel is equipped with a combustion – electric propulsion system, for flexible use of power for various functions. The LNG gas system, consisting of a cylindrical tank, with a capacity of about 70 mł, will be installed along with the necessary devices. SE-107 can accommodate up to 21 people (which includes: 6 crew members, 14 specialists and the owner). It also provides general purpose and service spaces, and rescue zone premises. The working deck has about 240 m2 of free space and allows for the arrangement of multiple cargo configurations. The design of living and working spaces combines comfort with safety, and meets all the economical and technical requirements.

Principal dimensions
Length o.a.: 60,60 m
Breadth 13,20 m
Depth to main deck: 5,75 m
Design draught: 3,50 m
Deadweight at design draught 350 t
Maximum speed 13.00 kn
Installed power 3x 1420 kW
MDO fuel capacity 200 m3
LNG fuel capacity 70 m3
Crew 6 persona
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shallow water dredger seatech

SE-209 Water Injection Dredger

21 m inland dredger 


SE-209 is a Water Injection Dredger (WID) designed for shallow water operations up to 5m depth, ideal for maintenance of ports, harbors, canals, and rivers. The compact design of the hull, and avoidance of any hull appendages, was achieved thanks to local narrowing in the breadth of the hull. The pump for the WID system is disposed under the deck, to guarantee a spacious open deck (suitable for 20ft container storage). Two independent drive units ensure increased maneuverability in narrow channels, harbors, and ports.

Principal dimensions
Length o.a.: 21,00 m
Breadth 8,00 m
Moulded Draught 1,5 m
Maximum speed 10,00 kn
Engine power 2 x 526 kw
WID pump 5 000 m3 / h
Propolsion Fixed pitch propellers
Unloading pump 5000 m3 / h
Crew 4 persons
Class PRS sKM pg pch
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DSR 85 dredger seatech

Michel DSR

85 m hopper dredger

built year:

This 85 m sand dredger operates on the French maritime coast, loading and transporting marine sand and gravel or mineral products. Built to satisfy many different environmental laws, the ship has two main strengths: it can perform the unloading of dry products and does not, therefore, rely on port infrastructures, also it is purpose-built to optimize voyages and minimize road transport on a regional level. This dredger operates on the depths of up to 40m, whereas conventional vessels can only load from 22/25 metres.

Principal dimensions
Length o.a.:  85 m
Beam 15,85 m
Draft 7,30 m
Depth charge 5,98 m
Deadweight 3420 t
Total volume of three wells 2,300 m3
Dredge pump 5000 m3 / h
Unloading pump 5000 m3 / h
Builder: Piriou/ maritime
Scope of work Workshop Drawings, Unit Measurement Cards, Part and Nesting profile lists, Profile Sketches,
Unit Levelling, Nesting Card and Essi Codes, Shell development with Templates. The creation
of a 3D model library with our Cadmatic system along with systems integration in a 3D model.
Isometric and coordination drawings, detail drawings.
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